“Thick and luscious! Deeply moisturizes and improves the skin overnight!” -Cecily

Ingredients: Wheat placenta, marine collagen, aloe-vera gel, witch hazel, hops, ginseng extract, lecithin, mango butter, olive butter, squalene, glycerin, retinol, trigylcerides, sweet kernel oil, beeswax, citric acid, potassium sorbate

Weight: 2 oz & 8 oz

Indulgence Cream

(10 customer reviews)


Indulgence Cream is a luxurious, anti-wrinkle night cream. Pharmaceutical grade wheat placenta has shown to be very effective in helping to restore elasticity while marine collagen diminishes fine lines. This product contains pentapeptides for further collagen and elastin production. Aloe vera provides healing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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10 reviews for Indulgence Cream

  1. Judith Hall

    This cream is exactly what the name implies. A beautiful indulgence! When I smooth this on at night it simply feels luxurious and it makes my skins so soft and smooth. LOVE IT!!!!.

  2. Lauren Day

    Seriously the best cream. It’s so rich yet not too heavy. And a tiny bit goes a long way! I use it almost every night and have barely used half of mine after nearly a year!  My skin is glowy and supple.
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Gail Chesney

    I transferred to Phoenix 30 years and have tried many moisturizers in an effort to combat our dry heat. But this buttery deliciousness, hands down, beats them all. Oh to have had this back then!
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. Beverly Booth

    The Indulgence Cream is the BEST face cream I’ve ever used! As said in other reviews, this cream goes a very long way. I use it in the mornings and at night. It’s rich, absorbs well – not greasy -, leaves my skin feeling so soft, and it smells devine!

  5. Audrey

    The indulgence cream is amazing! A week after getting a VI Peel at another esthetician’s office, my skin was a wreck from the stress of the peel. Cecily saved my face with a 24 step facial and a sample of the indulgence cream. The cream took away the redness and irritation overnight!

  6. Michelle

    Omg – this cream is heavenly. A little does go a long way. I use it as a night and day cream. It’s a little thicker but it’s light of that makes any sense; so it’s perfect for winter skin. I’ll use it year round. Only thing to me it’s missing is a lavender scent to put me to sleep. But the scent is actually more subtle. It’s truly an amazing product. I’ll definitely keep this one as a go to!

  7. Karen

    Indulgence Cream is soooo perfectly named! It is amazingly…. supreme, supple, luxurious, decadent, and more! A little goes a long way to deep, lasting moisture. You will definitely want to take this beyond the face and treat your entire body.

  8. Laura

    The perfect weight moisturizer and night cream. Scent is clean and soft, and I wake up with glowing skin!


    I love this cream. It is light, not at all sticky and it makes all look smooth and not wrinkly at all! I know it is for night wear but I have to say it makes my old hands look very young again. Great cream and a little goes a long way so economical too!

  10. Amanda

    This is the ultimate moisturizer! A little goes a long way so it will last a long time. I love to use this at night, and after massaging it in really well, I wake up with a radiant glow!

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