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Yes! Whatever you use on your body you can use on your face!

TIP – Take care of your body skin too. You should have a body routine as well as a face routine!

Recommended Products: Body Category

First of all, don’t squeeze! Squeezing will inflame the blemish, draw blood to the surface, and cause a scab which can lead to a scar. If it’s a whitehead, firmly press a hot washcloth to the blemish, then apply a spot treat ointment (Bio-Sulfur Masque works great!). If the blemish is red or cystic, apply a cold compress or ice, followed by the Pro-Clear gel. Remember, squeezing and picking only causes the blemish to linger longer.

TIP – Oil-based products do not cause a breakout or clog pores. Enjoy your oil cleansers and facial oils!

Recommended Products: Pro-Clear Treatment GelBio-Sulfur Masque

Cold compress! Cold will reduce swelling and puffiness and wake up those tired eyes. If you can, sleep on your back. I can tell you from personal experience it makes a huge difference. Along with using a good eye cream every night! 

TIP – Don’t forget to apply your products to your neck and décolleté. It’s all one canvas!

Recommended Product: Microsilk-C Eye Cream

That’s normal! Whether you’re oily or dry you need to use alpha hydroxy acids at least once a day. Acids will balance out oil production AND dissolve dry skin cells. If you’re more oily than dry, you might want to consider a lighter moisturizer.

TIP – Dry skin is a build-up of dead skin cells! Always exfoliate manually and with acids, every day, THEN moisturize.

Recommended Products: Active Cleansing Gel & Multi-Fruit Cream


The honest answer is- it doesn’t matter! Skin doesn’t know the difference between day and night, you may use your products a.m. or p.m.

TIP – Always massage your moisturizers and serums into the skin for at least one minute! Otherwise, the product won’t penetrate effectively causing you to feel greasy throughout the day.


Absolutely! You want to exfoliate MORE when you’re pregnant. Glycolic acid is made from sugar cane and is 100% safe. Of course, always consult with your doctor.

TIP – The Glycolic Brightening Pads are a favorite amongst mommies-to-be! They are easy and fast if you are too tired to wash your face!

Recommended Product: Glycolic Brightening Pads

If you like to cleanse twice a day that’s fine! Just be sure to use a creamy or oil cleanser in conjunction with your AHA cleanser. For example, if you use your Active Cleansing gel in the morning, use a gentler cleanser at night and vice versa. 

TIP – Don’t over cleanse!  Doing so can strip the skin of the natural oils that it needs, causing the skin to over produce oil.

Recommended Product: Olive Dual Cleansing Oil

Yes! Our products are made from natural sources, even the tiny spatulas are made from bamboo! Virtually everything can be recycled including the packing materials which are leftover tree shavings and other natural substances.

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