“Smells like lemon cake! Thick, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Make sure you don’t get water in the jar or the sugar will dissolve.” -Cecily

Ingredients: Safflower seed oil, sugar, coconut oil, vitamin E, avocado oil, lemon oil, ylang ylang, geranium essential oil, carrot oil, orange oil, citric acid

Weight: 2 oz

Lemon Sugar

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Lemon Sugar is an organic sugar and lemon-based facial exfoliator. It gently buffs away dead surface cells, lifting away dull, dry skin, and revealing improved texture and clarity. The skin brightening and exfoliating qualities of organic citrus oils combined with exfoliating sugar particles create a powerful, yet gentle scrub. Water-soluble emollients gently cleanse the skin without stripping away natural oils while helping to seal in moisture.

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2 reviews for Lemon Sugar

  1. Fanita

    This product is absolutely amazing! I have never had a product make my skin feel so good!

  2. Sara Gent

    I absolutely love this product! It leaves your skin very soft and refreshed! I have been using this product for a little over 2 weeks and my skin has a much more even skin tone. I find myself not using concealer to even out my complexion. A little goes a long way! Much to my surprise, my husband has also grown very fond of this scrub!!

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